Why Feminism is beyond balls and ovaries!

3 min readAug 14, 2021


The reason many amongst us become sexist unknowingly

Yesterday I was watching a random YouTube video of a man venturing out in the wild looking for a crocodile and being someone who enjoys reading comments more than the actual video, I glanced across the comments sectionn. As expected, there it was, that comment about ‘balls’.

“ The crocodile was afraid to bite on his iron balls”.

If you check any random video or post about anything that requires courage, you can find at least one comment or meme about the person’s balls irrespective of gender.

This is the problem with modern-day feminism or patriarchy bashing. It has become a movement for women to become more like men in every sense. When its core essence was to gain equality with men in terms of pay, employment, and opportunities. It was not meant for women to become like men.

Agree or not, an average man has 26 lbs more skeletal muscle mass than an average woman. And there is a reason why in fields such as sports there is a separate category for men and women, whereas in other artistic, creative, and intellectual fields there are no distinctions. Men and women are physically different.

An average adult male can easily overpower an average adult female. No question about that. period.

But, then why do we talk about feminism? Why all the noise to make scales tip towards the center?

Feminism is about being appreciative of the feminine aspects of humans. Empathy, compassion, sensitivity, love are all feminine emotions. Whether you are a male or female you have both feminine and masculine qualities.

Hell, we don’t even need to call them masculine or feminine traits. We can call them A and B. And everyone has a mix of both of these qualities. The proportion determines your dominant nature. Whether you are a complete insensitive asshole who has no sympathy for others or if you are someone who let everyone else walk all over you.

If you are a politician/leader it demands you to embrace more masculine traits. For all Game of Throne fans, try to remember Daenerys Targaryen. She was an absolutely terrific leader who needed to be ruthless to conquer kingdoms. And it's fair to say her dominant trait was masculine. From the same show, if you look at Jon snow, he has more feminine traits where he understands the emotions of people around him, is kinder, and has more patience.

So, it's obvious that it doesn't matter if you are biologically male or female, your nature is driven by the mix of both feminine and masculine traits. And it is absolutely fine to be a male to have more feminine traits or vice versa.

If you are a man, you dont need to be ashamed to have more feminine traits, and having more masculine traits doesnt make you better than everyone else.

It is high time we unlearn all the chauvinistic indoctrination by society since our childhood and learn to think beyond gender.




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